Extensia is an independent marketing research and consulting firm.


Extensia, Design for Lucy's parent company, offers marketing research and consulting services. Founded in 2005, Extensia was the brainchild of Arnaud Laisné, who wished to create a high-quality institute for conducting international research on intercultural issues. In 2012, Extensia acquired Design for Lucy with the aim of expanding its operations into the digital realm and new technologies. Extensia and Design for Lucy share a joint office in the ninth arrondissement of Paris.


Extensia specialises in marketing, while Design for Lucy's expertise is in user experience. Extensia conducts research in the following fields:
Promotional campaign testing
Product testing
U&A studies
Ethnographic studies through observation and self-observation
Client path analysis and point of sale testing
Quantitative studies (satisfaction, segmentation, U&A)


Twice the benefit.


Our clients often feel that they must choose between user experience and marketing. At Extensia and Design for Lucy, we see no dichotomy between sales performance and user comfort; rather, we reconcile the two.

First benefit :


The two companies share the same back office. Project managers, consultants and study directors are supported by research assistants and a field manager. They have testing rooms at their disposal and have access to company recruitment panels and other resources. In short, Design for Lucy and Extensia have particularly significant production resources for companies of their size. With a support team to oversee their studies, find respondents, and format reports, our project managers can dedicate themselves fully to the primary considerations of their projects. We deliver comprehensive reports, conducted under the best conditions, more quickly. This allows our clients to save time and improves the pertinence of the results.

Second benefit :


Marketing decisions and user experience decisions are interdependent. At the request of our clients, the teams at Design for Lucy can work easily with the teams at Extensia on matters that touch on both user experience and marketing considerations, such as the pertinence of the offer, the conditions of the offer, publicity, price and more. This proximity gives our clients a high-quality end product and greater peace of mind. It is to the advantage of the teams at both companies to work together, and they have all the resources necessary to do so.




Strike the perfect balance between marketing and user comfort with Extensia and Design for Lucy.