Design for Lucy is a UX research & consulting firm that has been operating independently since 2001.


Since 2001 we have been consulting and conducting research on interactive system usability, including websites, intranets, electronic commerce, mobile applications and software interfaces, among others. We have locales equipped for user testing in the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris.


We adapt our working methods to the specific nature of the questions our clients wish to address, but our work generally begins with observation, including:
Desk appraisal
Human-Interface observation
User testing
Ethnographic studies in the form of observations and self-observations
Eye tracking
Remote testing
These observations are the basis for our recommendations, prototypes, IT developments and more.


Market research, innovation & change management: Extensia

IT development: Option Ouest

Graphic design & webdesign: Coralie Lamotte


Design for Lucy is also a member of the UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association), an international association that supports UX professionals through publications, conferences and training. Design for Lucy is also a member of the France-Luxembourg chapter of the Association (Flupa).









Who is Lucy?

Lucy's skeleton was discovered in 1974 in the sedimentary concretions of the Ethiopian desert and was long considered the first human. We believe that if Lucy were alive today, a website that she could use easily would probably be a good website.
Every tool, from flint to computer software, must be designed for the person who will use it, and must take into account his or her reflexes, cognitive strategies and processes. Certain cognitive strategies are shared by all of humanity, while others are associated with a particular culture or cultures, and others still are specific to the individual.
Good user experience must meet the needs of each person, while meeting the needs of the population on the whole. This requires an understanding of the users' behaviour, their points of reference, context, specific characteristics and the things they have in common.
At Design for Lucy, we find the appropriate method for creating such user experience. Then we implement it so that our clients can develop simple products that are easy for everyone to use.